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Foolproof Gift Guide

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Foolproof Gift Guide

Stop stressing about finding the perfect gift. Sometimes something simple says a lot. We've created a (literal) checklist to make gifting season a lot easier for you.

We’re here to take the stress out of gifting. Somewhere along the way, we’ve all gotten it into our heads that each gift we give has to be a statement piece, has to tell some elaborate story, has to be held up by this pillar of stress and anxiety. 

And, yes, sometimes when we stumble upon the perfect gift — one that encapsulates every facet of the receiver’s personality to a tee. But more often than not — especially with jewelry — we create an obstacle course for ourselves. We think, “oh it has to have x, because they love x. But it also has to speak to this very private part of them that only I know, because of our relationship.”

Back up off yourself for a minute. Take time to breathe. Perhaps you’ve already gifted your special someone a few of those perfect things. Maybe what it’s time for is some
essentials. Some timeless, effortless pieces that literally anyone would be happy to have in their accessory arsenal. Still special, still thoughtful, but not some crazy leap of faith.

What we recommend for you to do first, though, is to take inventory. Give yourself a little checklist:

What do they wear all the time? 
Do they seem to have a stone/metal preference?
Do they have anything sentimental they’d love to wear but don’t have anything that goes with it
What’s their birthstone? Do they like to wear it?
What about their kids? Would they like wearing their children's birthstones?
Think about their favorite outfit -- is it minimalist, casual, vintage-y, or super wild and creative?
What do they have a lot of? What do they have not so much of?

When shopping for men, take note of whether or not they wear a watch, the metal of that watch. Do they wear a ring? Earrings? Necklaces? How comfortable are they with adornment? Are they more business professional or more casual?

Now that we've got you thinking, check out our selections that are sure to please anyone and everyone.


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